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Cookie Policy


Cookies are small-scale strings of text that the sites visited by a user send to the user’s terminal (usually to the browser), where they are memorised, so that they can be retransmitted back to the sites in question at the time of the user’s next visit.

Types of cookies utilised

The internet site uses only technical cookies. 
To be precise, the site uses the following types of cookies:

  • those known as session cookies, whose sole function is to optimise the visit to the site, meaning that they are designed to do nothing more than ensure the best possible navigation within the site.  The session cookies used by this internet site do not permit the acquisition of personal identifying data regarding the user.
  • analytic cookies (specifically, Google Analytics) are used solely for statistical purposes, in order to determine which pages are viewed most frequently by visitors to the site, how long visitors remain on the site and what geographic area the users find themselves in. This information is used in aggregate form.

How can I disable cookies?

Most browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari etc.) are configured to accept cookies, but they also provide the option, by means of their settings, of disabling cookies.
It should be noted, however, that disabling the cookies may cause the internet site to malfunction.
The user is always free to disable the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate setting on the browser.

In order to disable analytical cookies and prevent Google Analytics from collecting information on your navigation, you may also download the browser’s supplementary component for the deactivation of Google Analytics.