The highest priority is given to personal safety and safe operation of our tugs. Our Company motto states “Safety for Everyone, Everywhere, Everyday” reflecting top management’s commitment to health, safety, prevention and environmental protection.

Gesmar is certified for:

•    UNI EN ISO 9001:2015
•    UNI EN ISO 14001:2015
•    BS OHSAS 18001:2007
•    SA 8000:2014
•    ISM CODE as per SOLAS CONVENTION on voluntary basis

The core elements of our Management System are outlined in the “INTEGRATED QUALITY, ENVIRONMENT AND SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM AND SOCIAL ACCOUNTABILITY MANUAL” which fully integrates requirements concerning Quality Assurance (ISO 9001), occupation health and safety (BS OHSAS 18001), Environmental Protection (ISO 14001) and Social Accountability (SA 8000) and that is today part of our business culture.

Given that safety is of primary importance to the Gesmar Group, the Company has implemented a SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (ISM Code) on a voluntary basis with the aim of constantly improving workers’ health and safety.






System Policy

In accordance with the company’s commitment to achieving an effective and efficient organisation capable of assuring the quality of the services provided and their interactions with the surrounding environment with a view to continual improvement, the Management of GESMAR GROUP, with respect to the setting in which it operates, intends to promote protection of the environment, the Health and Safety of the company’s employees and other workers who operate on its behalf, in accordance with ethical principles.
The Management accordingly undertakes to comply with all the applicable environmental, safety, and occupational legislation, to continuously update and disseminate the principles of the policy, to monitor the objectives and control the performance of the system, and to make available all the human, material, instrumental and financial resources necessary for attaining the established objectives, and to define the roles and responsibilities for facilitating implementation of the system.
In accordance with the ethical and moral principles of the organisation, the Management firmly asserts its commitment to combating alcohol and drug abuse on the part of personnel. Accordingly, possession and use of such substances, as per the applicable law, is categorically prohibited and constitutes grounds for immediate dismissal.
Our principal objectives, from a perspective of satisfaction of stakeholders, are:

• Total Customer Satisfaction
• Prompt technical-sales response times

• Supplier relationships consolidated over time
• Promoting environmental and safety awareness among suppliers
• Supplier involvement in pursuing the objectives declared in this document

• Delivery of services in accordance with the applicable regulations and the navigation code
• Quality of service that meets the needs of customers
• Flexibility
• Maintaining the tugboat fleet at maximum efficiency

• Collaborative work climate
• Respect of the ethical and social principles of individuals
• Involvement of everyone
• Provision of adequate resources and comfortable premises
• Maximum responsibility and leadership

• Prevention of all forms of pollution (waste management, low sulphur content fuel)
• Protection of the environment also through the use of environmentally compatible substances (TBT-free paint)
• Building awareness of environmental issues among personnel
• Constant updates of legislation and environmental performance improvement


• Management of occupational health and safety integrated into the general management of the business
• Compliance with the occupational health and safety regulations in force, and systematic updating of the list of applicable laws, and of any other voluntary regulations to which the organisation subscribes
• Prevention of all forms of injury or occupational illness among employees and any other workers operating on behalf of the company
• Identification and control of hazards and risks
• Fostering a culture of prevention, also through communication, involvement, consultation and information of personnel concerning the prevention and control of risks
• Continually improving the management and performance with respect to prevention, by building responsibility across all levels of the organisation, through assignment of specific duties and responsibilities

• Continual respect of the ethical principles relating to all SA8000 requirements with respect to: Child labour, Forced and compulsory labour, Health and Safety, Freedom of Association and Right to Collective Bargaining, Discrimination, Disciplinary Measures, Working Hours, Remuneration
• Compliance with the national and international laws applicable to the industry, with the voluntary agreements to which the company subscribes, and with the international conventions and their interpretations as listed in Section SA8000, normative elements and their interpretation
• Commitment to promoting compliance with SA8000 requirements among all interested parties, and their involvement in the development of the company
• External disclosure of the performance of the Management System
• Continual application and verification of the company ethics code

Management shall periodically verify the achievement of these objectives and compliance with the above requirements and make this document available to the interested parties.